Sunday, May 4, 2014

blown away/thankful

The last two days have seen huge improvements. Friday, my arms went from beyond awful to bad. Tom and I went on an evening walk and I only needed to sit down once. Today (Saturday) we went on 1 mile hike without any difficulty...and my arms are continuing to improve. My abdomen and face have improved tons! This is the Herxheimer's petering off, but it is happening incredibly fast. Much faster than it "should" be. We credit this entirely to your prayers. I'm not healthy yet, but I am not curled up in my house like a decomposing shrimp. I am able to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time and that is amazing. :) Praising the Lord for choosing to heal me of this first round of Herxheimer's so rapidly for His glory. Thank you all for your dear prayers.

Update: Sunday saw even more improvements! I am sleeping about 3/3.5 hours at a time now. The Herxheimer's is almost gone and my skin continues to improve. We are thrilled God allowed this first round of herxing to be so brief. Praising Him for the continual healing and for the sweet encouragement it is to know that our brothers and sisters are praying for us. Love you all.

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