Saturday, June 14, 2014

I can see!

1. We had to wrap my wrists and hands in gauze because it's such a painful wreck, and we are hopeful that this will enable them to heal for the first time in a while. In the meantime, I look very mummy-chic mets steam-punk.

2. For the first time since Monday night (when I went to bed), I can open both of my eyes and not only that, but I can actually see. No weird eyelashes or spontaneous tearing to obscure my vision. I am stoked.

AND, this is a pretty spiffy story. Around 2:30, I finally forced my left eye open enough so I could find my phone to call Debbie (to tell her that I wanted to take her up on her offer to come over and help me), my Oma, and Rachel. I asked Oma and Rachel to pray for me over the phone...and within thirty minutes I could open my right eye enough to see out of it. Previously, I couldn't even force it open with my fingers because they swelling was so intense. As of today, the swelling isn't completely gone, but we're getting there! It's such a marvelous improvement, though. I was astounded by the speedy answer to prayer that I witnessed yesterday.

3. Yesterday, my mother-in-law came over, spent time with me, talked with me, applied oils for me, and was a kind comfort. At someone's suggestion, we applied the doTerra zendocrine oil blend to the bottom of my feet. As time progressed, Debbie actually saw a visual difference -- the swelling continued to go down, the redness continued to subside... amazing. I am quite grateful for her sacrificial love -- driving an hour to come help me, putting her arm around me, having me lay in her lap while we talked and I gathered my bearings, making calls to people who knew what would work, and just loving me to pieces.

4. Beyond thankful for all of your prayers. You bless me (and my long-suffering, patient husband) to no end.

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