Tuesday, June 17, 2014

it's a...


Lymes is the doctors conclusion. Sooo I am a real Virginian now! Time to sharpie "feral immigrant" off of my ID card. 

Everything else is still there (yeast, fungi, blah blah blah). BUT... We don't know if the Lyme was the chicken or the egg in this scenario for certain, but most likely the chicken. Supposedly the diagnosis explains why things have been triggered recently (lymes does this -- makes a-topic stuff, like eczema, worse in addition to everything else it damages). It is honestly a much simpler explanation and for that I am relieved. Time to explore natural treatment options. :) 

Thank you all for praying this past week for relief from the mysterious surge of eczema. Face and neck is completely, miraculously healed. Hands, wrists, and arms are still unbearable but we are starting to see improvement there, even -- so encouraging. 

Love you all dearly. 

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