Thursday, February 27, 2014

squeaky clean(sing)

The doTerra oils arrived today!
The timing was perfect, because today has been rough. 
I woke up feeling a thousand times worse than I have been this past week, 
and this week has not been pretty. 
Why it ebbs and flows like this has yet to be discovered (at least by me)
but I am hopeful that today marks the beginning of the road towards progress.

While I have been chipper to everyone who has asked about it thus far, I have
finally admitted to inward frustration and sadness. But that is largely due to being miserable, 
not due to the discovery of the cause and probable solution. 

And I will spare you the gnarly in-between-ness that occurs between 
the original question and the coherent thought at the end of the answer (sheepish 
apologies & gratitude to those of you who have experienced that stage no matter
the know who you are), but the idea of physical cleanings 
has me meditating on spiritual cleansing. 

O God of mercy, hear my call, 
My loads of guilt remove; 
Break down this separating wall, 
That bars me from my Love.

Give me the presence of thy grace, 
Then my rejoicing tongue 
Shall speak aloud thy righteousness, 
And make thy praise my song.

No blood of goats nor heifers slain, 
For sin could e'er atone; 
The death of Christ shall still remain 
Sufficient and alone.

A soul oppressed with sin's desert, 
My God will ne'er despise; 
A humble groan, a broken heart, 
Is our best sacrifice.

Hymn by Isaac Watts, written 1719.

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