Friday, February 28, 2014


Am I crazy for keeping track of this or will I be happy I did this in a month? It remains to be seen...

Rosewater and glycerin throughout the day
TML #2, this time made with doTerra oils.
Vitamin E oil
doTerra Melaleuca oil
DigestZen in the morning and evening (4 drops total)
doTerra Peppermint -- one drop, rubbed into hands, inhaled, then rubbed across back of neck for pain and migraine.

Water cups x 8 with lemon oil (6 drops)
Water with DDR oil x2 (16 drops total)
2 drops Frankincense 
Small pot of SmoothMove, per mom and Breana's suggestion. :) 
All pills except colon cleansers. Total: 19 pills/capsules.

(but with some replacements due to food restrictions).  
Salad: Carrot + apple + red onion + spring greens + homemade dressing 
Cacao nib chia pudding, unsweetened
Unsulfured & unsweetened dried mango

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