Friday, February 28, 2014

[update & recipe]: praise & pudding!

From 7AM to 5:30PM, today was awful. Worse than yesterday (and yesterday was worse than the days before it). 

But, for some reason, around 5:30PM, something kicked in, and now I feel a little better! My head is clear, my brain is working, my energy level is where it should be, and I am being productive! I am getting school done! I am so happy to have an opportunity to get things done, praise the Lord. 

Time for a celebratory recipe. :) 


I was told that dark chocolate would be extremely beneficial for me, but finding dark chocolate that fits within my restrictions (no salt, no sweeteners other than maple syrup, etc) have made that as feasible as stopping a train with some toenail shavings. SO, on an excellent errand-afternoon with Suzannah, we found cacao nibs and organic chia seeds at a price that was quite pleasant. Having read a number of intuitive chia seed pudding recipes before, I gave it a shot. The result is beyond delicious (especially if you're patient enough to let it sit a while). 
Cheers to success! 

- 30ish mls / 2 tbsp of raw chia seeds
- Cacao nibs to your liking (I think I did ~15mls / 1 tbsp)
- 1.5 c. Coconut milk
I used 1 cup initially, and then added more later just because it needed it. 
- Natural sweetener to taste (between 1 tsp and 1 tbsp).
i.e., maple syrup or agave or honey or coconut sugar or whatever else floats your boat.

1. Mix the wet and try ingredients together and let them sit for ten minutes before you stir it up again. The reason is just to avoid a 'crust' of floating chia seeds on the top that don't absorb the milk. 

2. After stirring the mixture a second time, add your sweetener if you plan on it. If you're using coconut milk that is already sweetened, then you won't need it (typically). Or you can add coconut flakes, dried mango, or fresh mint. Go nuts. :) 
(Oh, actually, nuts would also be delicious).

3. Let it sit until the chia seeds are plump. (Between 1 and 2 hours). 

And voil√†! 

Oats are on the "No" list right now, so I ditch the sweetener for a more breakfast appropriate replacement to my favorite raw overnight-oatmeal (because all cooked oatmeal that has not been made by my Oma is nasty; Oma makes cooked oatmeal magically delicious). 

Well, as I told my mom, I am now officially the health nut that everyone always assumed I was. Your expectations have been fulfilled! :)


Though the angry surges roll 
On my tempest-driven soul, 
I am peaceful, for I know, 
Wildly though the winds may blow, 
I’ve an anchor safe and sure, 
That can evermore endure. 

And it holds, my anchor holds: 
Blow your wildest, then, O gale, 
On my bark so small and frail; 
By His grace I shall not fail, 
For my anchor holds, my anchor holds. 

Hymn by William C. Martin, 1902. 

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