Tuesday, April 22, 2014

cup runneth over

A tale of two amazing mothers... 

My second mom (Tom's), when she heard that the earliest that the doctor could see us was over two weeks away, made her own phone call to the doc based on the promoting of the Holy Spirit. She just so happened to secure an appointment that was only two days away. Yes, really. We all briefly acknowledged feeling like a cool part of the mofia (so bad apple -- earlier doctors appointments! Yeah, my mom made a call. Growl/fist slam into palm), and rejoiced. Days later, we were still randomly commenting to each other about how cool it was that God provided for us in that way through Debbie. 

And then, my first mom. Oh my goodness. My mother has been so generous. (As has my kind stud-brother Mitch, as you will quickly see). 

Two Fridays ago, she and Mitch came over to set up what I was told was the rest of my birthday present? Or was it Christmas present?! My mind was blown either way... It was a beautiful porch. Chairs, this ridiculously rad green foofy carpet-ish stuff, a side "table", a pot of pansies and parsley... We have used it every time the weather has been vaguely nice. 

She came over to walk with me on Tuesday, even though it was cold and wet outside. 

On Wednesday, because I wasn't safe to drive, she brought me with her to Reston so we could both do our WFM/TJs errands together. And, when I started having an eczema attack in TJs that was initially easy to control and then began to escalate once we were on the road to my home... She and Mitch carried my groceries up four flights of stairs, and cleaned my house while I crashed in bed (my memory of that part of the day is weirdly spotty/foggy because I could barely even think due to the intensity of the attack... Quite literally "out of it"). That is the day that I mentioned in my last update. I still can't believe that she, Mitch, and Ginny did all that for me while I was in bed dealing with the attack. When I woke up at midnight to take meds I was flabbergasted. My eczema had gone from ugh to horrendous in 90 minutes earlier and had worsened since then. I may have been a mess, but my house was not! It was so clean. And I loved it! It made such a difference. They blessed me beyond words. 

On Friday, she offered to come over to help me with the spring cleaning that had been started and stopped a thousand times because of me (blegh...shoutout to my incredibly chill and patient husband for being willing to live with our clean clothes in bins during the never-ending 'in-between'. He never complained and helped me bail out each time. A champ in every regard). She and Mitch came over and the three of us conquered it once and for all. Thank you both so much. You are crazy to help me out in this way (cleaning the sick house? Ew), but I am so glad of it. 

So yeah, there's my humble brag. I have great moms. 

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