Friday, April 25, 2014

"does that sound okay, ma'am?"

All of the recent medical bills have added up. Insurance is chipping in on those bloody blood tests, but did you know that they cost ~5k?! For the 21 vials of my blood they took on Friday?! That's over $220 per vial! Oi.

Last year I was teed by a truck, and by God's grace I only required some intense but brief chiropractic care. The fellow's insurance offered to pay the medical expenses, but it seemed that they had dropped the ball until... I received a call from them (completely unexpectedly) to inform me that they would like to send a check for the chiropractic care and would it be fine if they added an additional $1,000 for pain and suffering? (The cheeker was definitely fishing for a reaction). I played it cool, because that's what I do, but Tom surmised from all the faces I was making at him that something was up.

We had prayed for the chiropractic bills to be paid in the past...but hadn't thought about it recently, assuming it would never happen. It has been over a year, after all. To receive not just the answer to that prayer, but the blessing of an unexpected thousand dollars... Wow. We are quite thankful...and quite surprised. An answer to prayer that has definitely caught us off guard. 

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