Thursday, April 17, 2014

praise for / pray for

Points of praise
1. My hands are not itchy 24/7. They aren't healed by any stretch, but they are no longer point of constant anguish. Your prayers are being tangibly answered!

2. The fact that my whole body just starts shutting down whenever I have an eczema attack is actually helping a different problem -- sleep. 

Today, instead of trying to manage it by the myriad of coping mechanisms I've tried / developed, I just went to bed. It didn't take but five minutes for me to fall asleep initially. I slept lightly (just because I was at the beginning of an eczema attack) for a solid thirty minutes before my alarm went off and I tried to get up to teach... but my eyes were so swollen and my body shaking so badly / the pain was so great I could barely talk or type so I had to bail and went back to bed. I slept off and on (partly because my eyes quickly swelled shut and I had no choice in the matter - ha!) from 2pm to 11:45PM -- and I only got up because I decided I needed to lay in bed to see if the swelling would go down so I could get up and eat in order to take pills...which it did. They are still swollen but I can see enough to get around, so that is pretty great!

3. Even though I'm getting worse, I'm less anxious about it and my spirit is settled. That is incredible. Seeing Isaiah 26:3 so clearly manifested is amazing. 

4. MOMS! I mean, really. Both the biological and in-law kind. Moms are amazing. So amazing, they will be getting their own post. You guys are crazy wonderful. 

5. My dear husband. He doesn't complain. He is beyond patient. He tells me I am beautiful, even. Taking care of a sick spouse is one thing... taking care of a spouse that has been sick at varying levels for six months with no end in sight is another. That God would let me be his wife overwhelms me. Grace upon grace. I deserve nothing good, least of all salvation, and next to that, my kind man. 

Points for prayer
1. No need to expand on this too much farther (since I mentioned it under praise #2), but I have definitely gotten worse and it is frustrating. This has impacted everything, including my ability to drive (not that I am up to going anywhere most of the time, but you know). Besides the obvious issue (i.e. I can't open my eyes) the eczema on my neck prevents a level of mobility that is necessary to drive safely. It improved a little after my eczema-attack induce uber-nap, so hopefully that will switch to be a point of praise in the next day or two. :) 

2. We are going to try a new doctor tomorrow. We are praying that the doctor would be able to quickly discern with divinely-provided wisdom what to do. That will probably include blood tests on my part, which...I am kind of dreading it. It's new territory (and my number one reason pregnancy stinks--obviously I have never been pregnant, haha). But hey, if I can do a colonic without passing out or vomiting, I can get my blood slurped out of my veins with a large metal stick. (I am being facetious. I am SO grateful that these facilities are close by and available to us so easily. Living in a first world country is such a blessing). 

3. As always, pray for Tom. This isn't bad news... it is merely a point of prayer. Being a caretaker isn't a piece of cake. He is teleworking tomorrow until he has to take me to the doctor. When we get back home he'll continue teleworking...and then he'll have to help me with the evening routine. :( It's rough! He is a treasure with which I cannot believe I have been gifted. I don't want him to be neglected in the midst of everything. My prayer for him is that he would be healthy (in every way), at peace, happy at / able to find joy in work, be given opportunities to see his family more often, thriving spiritual regardless of circumstances, and for blessings to be poured out on him in abundance. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much, and I confident that most of the individuals reading are far more righteous than I (by leaps and bounds) I hope that you remember him in your prayers, as well.

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