Friday, April 25, 2014

steady as she goes

The title was originally "chug chug", inspired by the steadiness of a train, but then I realized that wasn't what it would convey to everyone else. Shhhaved it! 

Spiritually: Psalm 27:13 --> Psalm 34. 

Health: ebbs and flows; sometimes I'm good, sometimes I'm flat-out and can't get out of bed most of the day. It's like sticking your hand in the Harry Potter jelly jean mix; you could get watermelon or earwax or candy-floss or vomit -- whee, what an adventure. 


As I mentioned before, Sat-Thursday of last week were horrendous... then Friday-Wednesday (well, I am stretching this a little, as Wednesday was terrible until 4pm, buuut) were fantastic, which was amazing. We loved it. I loved it. It was incredible to be able to attend the Easter service without having to sit down during the singing. We were kind of stunned (pleasantly, of course). 

Today (Thursday), is bad. My face and neck have worsened by a good bit. My energy levels are eh, and yes, they always, always are, but you feel it so much more when the rest of you is blerp. AND, the microbiologist who is processing the test I sent in a wee bit ago still hasn't been able to get to it... which isn't a big deal, but a smidge disappointing nonetheless, since it was supposed to be done last Friday. Oh well! Hopefully tomorrow it will be finished. : ) 

I have mentioned that this whole process has revealed my desire for control, and many have been sweetly praying with us that I would be given the grace to relinquish that. It creates endless anxiety (bearing nothing but bitter fruit). 

Truly, that prayer has been answered. Today was proof of that, at least to me. After such a crazy long streak of excellent days (SIX days! SIX!) it was disappointing to be greeted by such a huge resurgence when I awoke. But, that was it; I was disappointed, but not discouraged, and I surprisingly didn't feel any anxiety (besides that one time I applied oregano oil on my oozing face*... desperate times, desperate measures, desperately dumb #ProverbsByChloe). 

All that to say... grace has been poured out abundantly for me. Prayers have been answered so generously. I am amazed by God's goodness in providing those good days and by shoring me up with His perfect peace when they ended. To say that I am comforted and amazed is an understatement. If I was to be completely transparent, I would have to admit that the mere thought of God's grace during these past months makes me teary. He has provided us with all that we needed. Praise be to the God of our salvation, who works wonders and is holy and just and righteous in all things! 

While the face is oozing eczema, let the heart ooze with joy. #ProverbsByChloe 


*For the record, after 20 minutes of terrifying pain, it was all good! And my face was better for it. Or at least that's what I decided. #DecisionsByChloe

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