Thursday, March 20, 2014

I came, I saw, I pooped

We did the colon hydrotherapy treatment last Saturday and, while it made me very sick & nauseous during the process itself, immediately afterwards I felt amazing. 

However... In the evening I started feeling awful. By 11:30 I was a mess. (Do I regret not doing it on Sunday after church? A little, yeah. Oh well.) This week has been---and continues to be---abundantly gnarly. Hopefully I will begin to improve again sometime soon. After making all that progress last week it was an epic bummer for it to be so thoroughly reversed before our eyes over the course a mere evening. This is the natural result of detoxing, though. It will be worse before it becomes better. And that is okay! I am, frankly, encouraged and praising the Lord for the doctor's wisdom in recommending the treatment. 

God is faithful, no matter the gnarliness or the easiness, though. The perceived quality of the current circumstances cannot render that false or moot. In the end, the question really is: How faithful am I? 

Anyway, the hydrotherapy worked and I am no longer chronically constipated! This is such an incredible change. In order for my body to get rid of the die off and toxins / toxic byproducts, well, that had to happen. In any other context the excitement Tom & I have for The Number Two would be irrational, but it has been the sincere impetus for many a high-five. Will you ever be able to high-five me again? TBD. 

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