Saturday, March 15, 2014

praise and prayer requests

I am so excited about the progress that has been made in the past few days. Even though I still look like a mess, I feel exponentially better. If you have been praying with us for healing and guidance and good fruit; thank you a thousand times over. To make this kind of progress in just a few days is an encouraging proof of your prayers. 

These are the things that are most important right now. 

1. For sleep

The sleep that I am able to sustain is typically very heavy. However, I cannot sustain it for very long (30-120 minute intervals). Eczema attacks often seem to be the primary cause, but that is not a universal. Prayer for healing sleep (for both of us, honestly, as sometimes my restlessness unintentionally awakens him). 

2. The discovery of a successful coping mechanism

If I am awake and it is a reasonable hour, I knit to keep myself / both of my hands preoccupied during an eczema attack. If I have been awakened from sleep or am trying to sleep, this is obviously not an option (although I have tried...and ended up accidentally staying up until 4am each time). I am at a loss, as the topical ointment that is doing such an incredible job healing the skin and killing the two strains of fungus in the dermas does not deterr burning, pain, or itching during an attack. The previous lotions that we used were actually feeding the fungi (oops), which may very well be the reason they were so soothing. 

3. That Tom would stay healthy and happy

The role of a caregiver is stressful. He doesn't complain (truly) and he has been sacrificially loving and caring through it all. Today he had to telecommute because he was sick. He is often tired. Please be praying for him. 

I love you all and treasure your prayers and encouragement. 

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