Tuesday, March 25, 2014


For obvious reasons, I bring my own meals whenever I go somewhere, although that has really just been my family's house so far (but small group tomorrow, whoop whoop!). Today we celebrated Suzannah's birthday at their house, and yesterday we visited them after church. Monday is pasta night, so she requested alfredo (noone with all their marbles in place would pass an opportunity to pasta). Pasta and salad was a good choice, Suz. :) 

In order to join them I brought some Amy's Mac and Cheese (still mastering the whole vegan cheese thing myself). I didn't expect anything, but my family (especially my mom) totally floored me. They had made a safe salad for me. Well, had made a safe salad again, as they had literally just made me one the day before so I could join them for the Sunday salad. 

Being loved in this way is so incredibly wonderful, not because the food is delicious (which it is) or because I am depressed about being so high-maintenance (which I am not), but because (a) makes me feel normal and less like an on-going experiment, and (b)it is a tangible demonstration of their love and support. That's all I really need (well, since I can poop now). Their tangible love is a reflection of Christ's love, and that is truly all that I need. 

Not to be all cheesy segue, but... Speaking of reflecting Christ's magnificent love, Tom has been so patient. I cannot even begin to list out the ways he has been benevolent and kind. Well, I could, it would just be an obscenely long list. He is a trooper in every way possible. Tom has the best butt and is the best husband. A winning combination. I pray my sisters find husbands as godly and selfless as Tom. 

All that to say... My normal has been fluid. The days are long but the time elapsed is short, so while it feels like it has been an age since diagnosis and treatment began, it has really only been about a month. Things like salad from my caring family added to a patient husband and God's grace make this new normal simply that -- new. Not bad, just new. :) 

Love to you all and cheers to another week. 

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