Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Today marked some improvement in my facial symptoms! Everything else continues to worsen but hey, baby steps! 

I started on the colon pills today, whoo. So pill count per day is up to 22. It is like a weird game with myself. 

Aaand, I had visitors today! My fatigue is slowly lessening, and today was definitely a pretty decent day overall, even though I have had bad stomach pain all day. Debbie came over to bring some mail and supplies for my regimens and even picked up lamb meat for us. I loved spending time with her and I am glad that she checked on me. If she hadn't, I would not have realized that I actually did feel well enough for some company. Two of my siblings were in the area and, while I did not anticipate that they would be available, they were able to come visit me as well! It was so lovely. And Mitch and Corrie even randomly started helping me in the kitchen with some tasks I had been so tired to complete once I had started them. How great is that? Needless to say, I am feeling abundantly loved. Another day in my pocket, and that much closer to being well. 

Morning by morning, Thy mercies I see. 

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