Sunday, March 2, 2014

[update]: toxins

October 2013, on a hike with Tom.

Things have worsened dramatically. Of course, it takes time; the toxins have to be removed and that is a weird and long process. Obviously something is working if everything is deteriorating, right? That much is encouraging. 

But the excruciating pain and discomfort makes everything else extremely difficult, including school. As loathe as I was to admit that Oma, Debbie, & Tom were probably right, and as much as my pride & desire for control doesn't want them to be right, they are right; the most sagacious choice seems to include a semester off. I do not like this, and yet I am at peace, because it is the right thing. Huge cheers & thanks to those three for being patient with me when I was being stubborn, and for not pushing for one option or another, even while asking wise questions / providing advice that gently forced me to examine things realistically. 

We have been reading about mycotoxins (as you can imagine) and realized that yes, we were right, they do eventually kill you. Good grief! The only way to remove them externally is with ammonia baths. Part of me would love to start that treatment now but considering the fact that my whole body is one big open wound (cue the misunderstood Skillet lyrics, Bozarths)... I have to admit that both my mom and my Tom are right when they say that it would be impetuous and imprudent to just jump into a bleach bath. Oh darn. Hopefully I quickly heal enough so that the bleach baths can begin and the mycotoxins can be removed. :)  

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