Monday, March 10, 2014

symptoms #2

Here is the update on my current symptoms. Bold denotes a symptom that has dissipated. Italics denotes a symptom that has improved / has been alleviated at some level. 

Chronic fatigue from morning to early evening
On/off nausea
Serious brain fog
Back pain
Neck pain
Wrist cramping, L & R
Stomach pain
Chronic constipation
 Bloated / swollen: face, neck, tummy

- L, R ears
- forehead
- L, R cheeks
- L, R eyelids
- under the chin
- L, R jawbone
- L, R, F, B of neck
- L, R, F of shoulders + along arm pit line
- top of back **March 3: is spreading downward. :-/ 
- chest
- torso
- L, R inner thigh 
- behind R knee 
- L, R arms, including wrist 

Most of the eczema symptoms have worsened as of March 9th. The exception to this is the back of the right knee, which has merely stagnated, but u am hopeful for its improvement by the next symptom review. 


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